CORPORATE OFFICE: 500 Sugar Mill Road · Building B, Suite 200 · Atlanta, Georgia 30350 · Tel 770-451-8171 Fax 770-451-3919

SOUTH METRO: 92 Wertz Industrial Boulevard • Newnan, Georgia 30263 • Tel 770-719-1616 • Fax 770-719-1636

October 29, 2018

Welcome to the Heritage Family!

We are very excited to announce that Heritage Property Management has been selected by the Willbrooke Homeowners Association, Inc, Board of Directors to assist in managing the business affairs of the Association, beginning on November 1, 2018. It is a privilege to have this opportunity and we look forward to providing the high standard of service that your Association deserves.
We are proud to introduce Donna Brazil, your new Community Manager. Customer service is our number one priority at Heritage, please find the contact information for our support departments listed below.

• Architectural Modification Questions – 770-200-8217 or
• Access Device – 770-200-8218 or
• Violations Disputes/Resolutions – 770-200-8217 or
• Online Account Set Up – 770-200-8219 or
• Account Questions – 770-200-8297 or
• Closing Inquiries – 770-200-8250 or

We realize that hiring a new management company can be confusing and our goal is to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. To help facilitate this, you will find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ) enclosed.
For your reference, the new payment address for Association dues is listed below. Please make checks payable to: Willbrooke Homeowners Association

Willbrooke Homeowners Association, Inc.
C/O Heritage Property Management
500 Sugar Mill Road, Suite 200B
Atlanta, GA 30350

If you still need to mail a payment in for your 2018 annual assessment, please mail it to the above address. For your convenience, multiple payment options are available (please see the attached FAQ).

We look forward to working with you and will be reaching out with additional information in the weeks to come. I know I speak for everyone at Heritage when I say that we appreciate your business and are thrilled to have you in the Heritage Family.


Gavin A. Cobb, CPA 
President & CEO 
Heritage Property Management Services 

Donna Brazil, CAM
Community Manager


  • No gardening items or supplies, including, but not limited to, garden hoses, mulch bags, original nursery pots, garden pots without living plants in them, bags of any type, tools, watering cans, sprinklers and spreaders, may be left out in the front yard or side yard visible from the street after immediate use. If not stored out of sight, garden hoses, with or without a sprinkler attached, shall be kept coiled neatly under an exterior faucet or be kept nearby in a container manufactured and sold for hose storage.
  • No original nursery pots may be placed in the yard visible from the street. Nursery pots may be placed inside larger selected garden pots in a manner which conceals the original pot.
  • Please remember to check with the HOA Architectural Control Committee (ARC) Standards before making modifications or additions to your home/property.
  • Please email all questions and concerns to our manager: Donna Brazil.


Quarterly Meeting -3rd  Tuesday of last month of Quarter . First ~30 mins open to all residents . Last 60 minutes reserved for executive board discussion.  Donna will draft/publish this in formal way at Vantaca and we will put on web-site as well.  Donna will attend in personnel . Donna will publish the agenda and minutes of meetings.

For rest of 2019

  1.   18th June
  2.   17th Sep
  3.   17th Dec

Residents HOA Annual Meeting –  Oct 15th           ( 3rdTuesday of Oct month ) – Venue – TBD .