Update to the Pavilion

            The pavilion for the multi-use courts that was being installed had to be taken down as the City of Duluth required us to have a permit for the pavilion and also required us to have a bigger pavilion than what we had planned.  In addition, the space where the pavilion would have been placed is the best access the multi-use courts for repairs.  A bigger pavilion would have been a bigger problem to temporarily take down and store if the multi-use courts ever had to be repaired or replaced again.

            Therefore the pavilion for the multi-use courts was dismantled.  Most of the materials that had been purchased for that pavilion was returned to the retailers they were purchased from.  However, the lumber that had been nailed together for the foundation of the pavilion could not be returned.  The Misters (Dwayne and Verline) are allowing the HOA Board to use their backyard as storage for the used lumber, since the lumber would not be safe to store at the multi-use courts or anywhere else on the subdivision’s common property.

            We don’t think anyone in our subdivision could have expected this outcome when we went into the project of getting another pavilion for our multi-use courts.  As the HOA Board, we worked hard to research and make the right decision for the right pavilion to replace the old pavilion, as everyone agreed that our multi-use courts needed a shady area for spectators.  Unfortunately, it was one of those things where we didn’t foresee the local rules changing and not letting us be “grandfathered” in, as we had previously had a pavilion for the multi-use courts.

The Board wants to continue to make the right decisions and make the best of this situation.  To that end, the multi-use courts now have a smaller shady area for spectators that does not require a permit, and the used lumber will be used by the Misters as much as possible for future projects in the subdivision so that the HOA does not have to spend money on dumping the used lumber

The Willbrooke HOA Board

October 28th Fall Fest and Costume Parade in Willbrooke Park

Please contact Charronda Rhoden with the Social Committee.  We love for you to volunteer some of your time and help.  We would very much appreciate it.

Dear Wilbrooke Homeowners

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  • No gardening items or supplies, including, but not limited to, garden hoses, mulch bags, original nursery pots, garden pots without living plants in them, bags of any type, tools, watering cans, sprinklers and spreaders, may be left out in the front yard or side yard visible from the street after immediate use. If not stored out of sight, garden hoses, with or without a sprinkler attached, shall be kept coiled neatly under an exterior faucet or be kept nearby in a container manufactured and sold for hose storage.
  • No original nursery pots may be placed in the yard visible from the street. Nursery pots may be placed inside larger selected garden pots in a manner which conceals the original pot.
  • Please remember to check with the HOA Architectural Control Committee (ARC) Standards before making modifications or additions to your home/property.
  • Please email all questions and concerns to our manager: Tammy Foley.