Board of Directors

Your Board of Directors are elected volunteers whose main purpose is to maintain the value of our Willbrooke Community. To accomplish this goal, the Board of Directors must enforce the covenants and applicable laws of the State of Georgia. Each homeowner can help by abiding by the covenants, paying their assessments, and by volunteering on one of the many committees in our community.

A problem shared is a problem halved. Committees play very important roles in our community’s social and physical development; therefore the Board invites homeowners to volunteer. Please contact a Board Member or a committee chair person for more information about becoming a committee member.

  • Verline Mister: President / ARC/ Landscape / Decorating / Pool Committee / Tennis & Basketball Committee / Park Committee / Finance
  • Charronda Rhoden: Vice President / Social Committee /ARC/ Finance
  • James Castaldi:  Executive board member /ARC / Pool committee / Park Committee/Finance
  • Lovnish Mahajan:  Executive board members/ ARC / News letter / Tennis & Basketball Committee / Finance
  • Anne Frost:  Secretary / ARC/ Park committee / Finance
Volunteers are welcome for all committees; please contact Donna Brazil our property manager for more information.