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The Declaration of Protective Covenants for Willbrooke posted on this website is for reference only. Consult your closing attorney, or the office of the Field and Records Clerk, Superior Court, Gwinnett County, GA, for an officially recorded set of Covenants and Articles of Incorporation. Furthermore, Willbrooke Homeowners’ Association, its Board of Directors and website volunteers disclaim any liability or responsibility for any losses, direct, indirect, or consequential, howsoever caused, through the use of information contained on this site.


Keys and Mailboxes

Swimming Pool and Tennis Court key cards are available from the Willbrooke Property Manager for a nominal fee. All mailboxes in Willbrooke community must look same as it was originally installed. Non-compliant homeowners will have to replace their mailpost or fines will be imposed and collected through the attorney. If you need to replace or repair mailbox post, please reach out to the following (include that you are a Willbrooke subdivision homeowner):

Addresses of Distinction

2115 Hills Ave.NW

Atlanta, Georgia,30318

Phone: 770-436-6198

An entirely new unit usually costs $280.00 plus tax.  Installation is $99.00 (as of June 2016).  Prices may change so please call to confirm.


Architectural Improvements

Please remember that any and all improvements made on Willbrooke lots are subject to prior approval by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). In particular, this includes but is not limited to patios, patio covers, and other improvements. To request approval, send a drawing of the improvement to be made along with a description to the management company who will forward the completed request form to the ARC. The ARC derives its jurisdiction from the neighborhood covenants.  Article IV Use Restriction and Rules Section 3. ARC Standards:  should the ARC fails to approve or to disapprove submitted plans and specifications within sixty (60) days after the plans and specifications have been submitted to it, the plans can be deemed approved. In any cases all work done must be consistent with submitted plans. Article IV Use Restriction and Rules Section 3. ARC Standards. All sites will be visited by a member of the ARC within one weeks of receipt of the application so as to assess the potential impact of the proposal on the neighborhood taking into consideration such issues as encroachment on privacy, blocking of views or sunlight, noise, etc. The committee will document each application for variance. This log will identify the variance request by address and specify the nature of the request (deck, etc.).


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